Our dentist office is equipped with all brand new equipment and state of the art technology. Everything we use is designed for improving the patient experience and for delivering safer, more comfortable, and higher quality dental care.

Digital Imaging

The dosage of digital xrays is significantly lower than traditional xray taken on film. Being able to take an image and immediately view it on the monitor to discuss our findings with you also helps you understand your dental health better.

It also lowers the amount of time you will be spending in our Indian Land, SC, dentist office as you won’t be waiting for xrays to develop in the dark room anymore.

We take every effort to minimize the amount of exposure to our patients with the use of lead thyroid and full body barriers. We also welcome you to bring in xrays from your previous office so that we can avoid taking additional xrays. Xrays are a necessary and vital diagnostic tool in maintaining a healthy dentition and we strive to take xrays of your teeth only when absolutely necessary.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

For those of you who will come up with any excuse to avoid seeing your dentist, you can rest assured knowing that we offer relaxing and safe nitrous oxide sedation. It is completely reversed in minutes and you will be completely alert before you even leave the chair. We are fully trained and qualified to provide this form of sedation and we maintain and monitor your health with all the required equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable visit.

Satellite Televisions

Every treatment room is equipped with two televisions for your entertainment and even a television mounted on the ceiling so you can enjoy your favorite programming while you are getting your teeth cleaned or receiving other dental treatment.

Fresh Coffee and Beverage Center

When you enter our dentist office, you will be greeted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee for your enjoyment. Come enjoy a cup before you get your teeth polished! Complimentary chilled bottled water and other beverages will be available as well.

Convenient and Fast Check-in

You are welcome to fill out all necessary paperwork prior to your appointment so that we will be ready for you right when you walk in. Click here to access our patient registration forms online.

WiFi Access

Enjoy complimentary WiFi access in our reception area for your smartphones or iPads.

With our state of the art facility, Gold Hill Dentistry can accommodate all of your family’s dental care needs.