Tooth Pain Relief

When you have tooth or jaw pain, it can be difficult to concentrate on anything besides the discomfort. Oral pain is distracting, but it is also a sign that something is wrong. Any type of tooth or jaw pain should never be ignored. Our team at Gold Hill Dentistry can identify what is causing your pain and find a treatment option to get you relief.

If a tooth hurts, there is always a reason. The nerves of a tooth are deep inside the root canals and are not easily affected. Most tooth pain is due to some type of pressure or irritation of the nerves, which can be caused by decay, infection, abscesses or damage to the tooth.

To find the problem, a thorough exam is necessary. Dr. Kavi Sagunarthy can perform an inspection of the teeth and gums, as well as review x-rays for any potential problems. Once the source of the tooth pain is identified, he will suggest a treatment plan to give you relief. Many times, the treatment can be performed the same day, such as repairing a cracked or broken tooth or removing and filling a cavity. If more extensive treatment is needed like a root canal, Dr. Sagunarthy will make sure you are given top priority to have the procedure completed and help with options to manage discomfort.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

When your jaw hurts, it is important to find the source. For some, it can be a symptom of TMJ, a jaw joint disorder. For others, it could be bruxism or teeth grinding that is putting too much pressure on the jaw. Misalignments of the teeth and bite can also be the cause of jaw pain. To find the cause and get treatment for relief, a comprehensive exam needs to be performed to identify what is creating stress on the jaw. Once the cause is found, Dr. Kavi Sagunarthy can recommend a treatment plan for relief.

You should never need to live with tooth or jaw pain. If you are in oral discomfort, contact our office in Fort Mill. We have emergency dental appointments for patients with severe pain and we will help find the source of your discomfort and give you relief with treatment for your oral health problem.