Fort Mill SC General DentistKnowing the warning signs of anything bad can help you in the long run. You have a gas gauge on your automobile to warn you when you are getting low on gas. Your pants begin to become uncomfortably tight warning you when you have indulged in too many desserts. Your mouth also has warning signs to alert you when your oral health is compromised. Knowing the warning signs of oral cancer can help you catch this disease early and begin immediate treatment.

Oral cancer has a very high death rate of 43% at five years upon receiving the diagnosis. The main cause of the high death rate is the fact that many people miss the signs of this disease in its earliest stages. Understanding that your oral cavity is made up of your lips, teeth, gum tissue, floor of the mouth, palate, tongue, cheeks, throat, and sinuses. Without the knowledge that all of these areas are a part of what people call “the mouth,” many symptoms are overlooked.

Common signs of oral cancer include more than the obvious. The most prominent sign of oral cancer is a persistent sore inside the mouth that does not heal. Any type of “cold sore,” canker sore, or blister that persists longer than two weeks needs to be evaluated. It is also important to take note of changes inside your mouth. Any lump, bump, thickening of the cheek tissue, or growth needs to be brought to your dentist’s attention immediately. Other common signs of oral cancer include: feeling that something is “caught” inside the throat, numbness of the lips, tongue, or other area within the mouth, chronic hoarseness, or a difference in the way your teeth or dentures fit inside your mouth.

It is often the more uncommon signs of oral cancer that get people into trouble. For instance, persistent ear pain, a persistent sore throat, and dramatic weight loss are all common symptoms of oral cancer, yet many people overlook these signs as something else. Not attributing these signs to oral cancer can cause serious, and deadly, outcomes.

At Gold Hill Dentistry, we want to know immediately of any changes that you notice in your oral health. No concern is too small. Our top priority is your oral health. Please contact us today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Kavi Sagunarthy, Gold Hill Dentistry
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